Roxanne Hall
Anthony Rosano
My MILF Story Began When I Called Up The Escort Agency

I realized that I had a very peculiar kind of fetish...I loved to be babied! I called up the local Escort Agency and asked them to send me a mommy...they made it quite easy and enjoyable, they even sent me some written instructions on what to do to my e-mail account. I had to dress myself up in a diaper with some high heel shoes, some stalkings...and I even had to put some bows in my hair. When she finally arrived, I hadn't done things to her specifications quite exactly...and with MILFS like this, there's no room for error! She started by correcting my mistakes and teaching me an appropriate lesson before she finally gave in and let me have my way with her!

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Lisa Ann
Mikey Butders
Rucca Page
My MILF Story Began After Classes At My Girlfriends House

We went over there so we could be alone while her roommate was at work. I made her put on a real sexy outfit, she didn't seem to like it much, but nonetheless, it was hot! She then decided she wanted to give me a blowjob, which would have been good, had she not scraped my entire cock with her teeth. Not only that, but it was way fast as well, which only hurt more. I told her she was doing it wrong, and I left to go get some cream for my cock! A couple of hours later, her older roommate Lisa came by my house to find out why Rucca was crying. I told her what had happened, and she didn't seem too pleased with my behavior! Although, she was pretty keen on giving me a few tips for the next time I saw Rucca, which didn't take long because she was hiding in the next room. When Lisa started something, Rucca came out...and then shit got even hotter!

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Nina Hartley
Danny Ross
My MILF Story Began When I Got Back Home From College On Spring Break

The first thing I saw when walking through the door was my step mother Nina changing in the other room. She didn't know I was there, but I watched her attentively as she changed her dress. She had such perfect tits, and such a tight ass, what I wouldn't have gave to nail her right then and there! When she finally noticed I was there, she called me over to greet me. I could feel her firm breasts pressed up gently against my chest! We went in to the other room to have a drink and got to talking about how School was going. I told her I didn't really like school and was having some trouble doing the work. She asked why and I told her it was because I couldn't bring myself to get laid. At that point I figured what the fuck, and I told her that I have secretly had a crush on her for years! She took it pretty well. She even offered to give me some pointers...

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Melissa Monet
Pauly Harker
Missy Stone
My MILF Story Began When I Met An Interesting Woman Outside A Coffee Shop

My MILF Story began in reality when I got kicked out of my parents house for bringing home too many boys. I had been living on the streets ever since, working as a prostitute, until one day, I met a very distinguised older woman outside of a coffee shop. She recognized me right away and brought me back to her home to try and help me. When I got there, she told me that she used to be just like me and that she married a very wealthy man in order to obtain the fortune she now has. When her husband died, she vowed to help others as he had helped her. She only wanted one thing in body. She was pretty hot, so I gave her what she wanted, and things got somewhat interesting after that as she introduced me to my new step-brother Pauly!

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